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CENTER FOR I-WASH: Providing Inclusive Access to Safe, Sustainable, and Peace-promoting Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

Center for i-WASH is a non-stock, non-profit organization formed to promote advocacies on WASH - Water, Sanitation, Shelter and Hygiene, particularly on areas and communities affected by natural calamities and armed conflict.

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Center for I-WASH aims to contribute to the reconstruction and development of communities in conflict-affected areas in the Philippines by undertaking basic institutional arrangements and actual community engagement in project sites, including inclusive and conflict-sensitive social preparation.


  • To carry out studies, assessments, research, training, extension work, technical assistance work, financial assistance work, multimedia communication work, development projects and other similar undertakings to help improve, sustain and preserve the viability and integrity of the natural environment, physical environment, social environment, human environment, economic-financial environment and, health of individuals and communities.

  • To carry out humanitarian work including, but not limited to, life-saving, relief, rehabilitation, and early recovery of individuals and communities affected by or facing disaster risk.

  • To organize and assist communities in improving their governance and participation in assessment, action-planning, action-taking, monitoring and evaluation of activities that directly or indirectly impact on their livability, viability and/or sustainability.

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